So, if you are creating a youtube channel, remember that 1% or 0.0001% of your content will remain there even after you delete it. Previously, it was not possible to delete a youtube channel from a smartphone or iPhone, but the specifications have changed and it is now possible, so I will introduce it. Welcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of tech tips from trusted tech experts.

  • A lot depends on your niche – advertisers in more competitive niches are willing to pay more per view than in other niches.
  • You’ll likely have to hit 1 million views on at least a few other videos before you could consider quitting your full-time job and doing YouTube as your primary source of income.
  • Of course, the advantage here goes beyond curating your feed.
  • The best way to be successful on YouTube is to focus on a niche.

Before you jump in to create your video niche, always make sure that you research keywords specific to YouTube with a YouTube chrome extension tool to hit those video SEO metrics. Video CPMrates hovering between $5 to $30 for views coming in from countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Terms, conditions, features, availability, pricing, fees, service and support options subject to change without notice. All that’s left is to get creative and channel the entrepreneurial drive to explore ideas with how you choose to monetize your audience and your passion.

Create content that gives YouTube a reason to promote your videos, based on what people are searching for. The most successful channels have grown their audience by creating evergreen tutorial content that’s both highly shareable and makes people want to click. YouTube Live, as with other livestreaming options on social media, is a great way to reach your audience in real time – and it can work especially well to stay current as well as authentic. However, good live streaming still takes careful planning and execution. It’s particularly suited to conveying a lot of information quickly, so it’s important to keep your live videos entertaining and engaging.

How To Delete Your Youtube Channel Permanently On Phone

While Vat19’s sense of humor may not be for everyone, its videos are undoubtedly effective. Its gummy bear video has been viewed over 25 million times. Vat19’s approach really shows what it takes to attract attention on YouTube with entertaining and unique types of content. Clicking Edit will take you directly to the Upload photo screen in your brand account.

Select A Great Keyword

You don’t need design skills to make an engaging YouTube intro that introduces your brand. Grab viewers’ attention with our beautiful YouTube intro templates. ResourcesVimeo blogExplore the best tutorials, inspiration, marketing tips and product news. When added together, all the steps may seem overwhelming. The good news is your title, description, thumbnail, and tags can all be changed. Don’t worry about trying to get it perfect right away; you can come back and edit them.

Subscribe To Other Channels

On a desktop, your channel icon will appear as a circle underneath your banner. On Android and iOS devices, it will appear as a circle overlapping the banner’s lower left-hand corner. A stellar choice for outdoor, adventure-based, or travel channels.

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