Although not, in earlier times Lunigiana covered more substantial city depicted of the diocese out of Luni

Prehistory and you may Roman Many years

Now Lunigiana corresponds to the fresh new area of one’s Magra River, thus it’s administratively divided anywhere between several Provinces: La Spezia and Massa Carrara.

By way of its morphological have and to their strategic reputation, the fresh Magra Area is without question an organic passageway who has got seen the passing of additional peoples that have strongly influenced this new background and you may organization for the region.

Lunigiana has actually searched a robust social identity since the Primitive Day and age, once the observed by popular Statue Stele, anthropomorphic stone sculptures dating back to the fourth-initially 100 years B.C., leftover at Piagnaro Castle from inside the Pontremoli.

Title “Lunigiana” was initially found in 1141 to point a territory owned by the latest Roman town out-of Luni in order to its thirty five Parish places of worship thrown in the Magra Valley, Serchio Area additionally the coastline as much as Versilia regarding Southern and you will Levanto to your Western. Which area try today called “Lunigiana Storica” (Historical Lunigiana).

The fresh Romans, who had beaten brand new Ligurian somebody located in this place, created the city out of Luni within mouth away from Lake Magra when you look at the 177 B.C.. Luni try very powerful especially from inside the Imperial time after they arrived at excavate the encompassing marble quarries during the Carrara. Thanks to the harbour these products might be sent to all of the the brand new areas of the Empire. And additionally, the room is actually well-connected already regarding the Republican Decades thank-you to a powerful roadway system. Unfortuitously, the town experienced a successful and you can trade crisis throughout the next millennium as a result of the closing down of your marble quarries and you will towards dump of your harbour that became an effective marsh.

Adopting the decay out-of Luni no other town otherwise political energy been able to bring good unified administrative entity in order to Lunigiana again.

Gothic Age

Following fall of your own Western Roman Kingdom, inside the barbarian invasions (6th-seventh century), in the Lunigiana Byzantines fought against the new Longobards, therefore within this period of several castles and you will fortifications had been oriented. In the event that Longobards won, Lunigiana passed consuming Lucca you to definitely continued also while in the the new signal of one’s Franks.

If you’re Luni are suffering sackings from the Saracens and you can Normans, the fresh Frankish dukedom try replaced by the an excellent Carolingian march, yet not no governmental alter happened before tenth 100 years. Brand new region is planned with respect to the “curtes”, outlying belongings properties which were the cornerstone about what the second department to your fiefdoms taken place. Such countries belonged mostly so you’re able to steeped family members, in particular for the Obertenghi, and also to your Church and its bishops.

During the 1 / 2 of brand new tenth millennium the brand new Queen away from Italy Berengario II centered the goal off Liguria Orientale (East Liguria) ruled of the Earl Luni Oberto of the Obertenghi family members. Lunigiana is actually added onto so it Mark it try not any longer consuming Lucca.

Regarding the tenth-11th millennium, the latest region are divided in to several small house qualities because of the latest drama of the Italian Leadership and to the absence of good urban centers.

Thus, from the twelfth and 13th 100 years Lunigiana experienced a governmental instability when two political entities on the other hand with each other emerged: new Malaspina friends (area of the Obertenghi dinasty) similarly together with bishops out of Luni on the other. It fought one another regarding the 13th 100 years till the 1304 when they finally closed the Pact out of Castelnuovo about presence of your poet Dante Alighieri (who had been exiled when you look at the Lunigiana) since their solicitor.

With this particular pact, the new bishop from Luni handled their rule across the shore and the low Magra valley whereas all the higher Lunigiana is actually assigned to the newest Malaspina whom yet not were not able to create a beneficial good fiefdom.

The lands were in reality separated in two bits: new “Spino Secco”, influenced from the Corrado Malaspina, provided the lands to the right riverside of your Magra Lake whereas the new “Spino Fiorito”, speaing frankly about Obizzo Malaspina, safeguarded brand new kept riverside apart from Villafranca. Pontremoli was truly the only town which was perhaps not exposed to the Malaspina signal and this acted as an independent Comune for years and years.

Particular common characters of that time, like Castruccio Castracani and you can Spinetta Malaspina, attempted to unite the latest region with no luck very in the 14th century Lunigiana was divided involving the fundamental metropolitan areas of that period: Genoa, Milan, Lucca and you can Florence.

New age

Inside Modern Lunigiana always been an area at the the border of different municipalities and you can short fiefdoms ruled of the Malaspina.

Whenever Napoleon filled Italy, the local fiefdoms needed to promise commitment with the French Kingdom, but with the fresh new Vienna Congress Lunigiana is assigned once again on Italian dukedoms out-of Tuscany, Modena, Parma and you can Sardinia.

Fundamentally, adopting the unification of Italy, Lunigiana grabbed the newest administrative design you to definitely characterizes they today divided between several Places and you will about three Provinces, which however causes name and you can administrative trouble.

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