The truth is right here, this proves the new protoplasm inside cardio and you will lo oks such bullet circles, ya?

I wish to begin by a discussion of your vanguard search off Herr Teacher Doktor Tomas Landh, a biophysicist and you may bio-information researcher. He’s complex an alternate principle based on strong proof one to issues significantly with current views towards cellphone morph ology, especially neuronal notice tissues. Current principle lies in two-dimensional varieties of slim microtome chapters of structure seen not as much as optical or sign microscopy, hence says one “brand new cell’s membrane is actually a circular twice layer from greasy lipi ds with the liophobic ends up leading inward, and you can liophyllic16 concludes directing outward having protein formations at either skin or squeezing from membrane. Tell you the first slide. Second slip. Doktor Landh is not arguing phone function, however, far more the fresh structural topology of their real geometry. Once reviewing a huge number of blogged fotos into the histology literature on earlier 35 years, he’s sure the current consider was i ncorrect.

What he did, is not have fun with transmission electron microscopy (TEM), but learning electron microscopy (SEM) which have really special deceased-freeze strategies to manage actual cellphone morphology in the place of planning items. Then he did a mathematical topological analysis (MTA) to help you associate hypothesis having findings, and discovered one tissue, far from becoming spherical step 3-D nothing golf balls, ya?, were in fact highly complex step three-D aggregates after the a precise topological law called Unexpected Restricted Surface (PMS), perhaps not t o end up being mistaken for women PMS, ya? ( booming wit ) I am able to miss out the facts, however, Doktor Landh features postulated that the genuine mobile morphology and mobile continuum is not a random spherical arrangement, but an exact crystalline aggregate out-of cubic-shap ed tissues whoever membranes tell you a half a dozen-bend proportion! Lines of Egyptian Rose off Lifetime symmetry, perhaps, ya?17 In addition, this new cytoskeleton or protein skeleton of one’s telephone expands when you look at the an effective spiral development, very similar to DNA/RNA geometry. I would like to feel the n ext five slides, Dr. B. You can see how the cellphone grows from a two-dimensional system in order to an effective cubic aggregate if you apply the rules of topology, ya? You see plus the continual development, such as a crystal, ya? This cubic contour is probably dictated from the functional cellu lar conditions, and you may determines the actual cellphone decisions.

Richard Cytowic, could have been contrasting a weird phenomenon known as synesthesia, a disorder in which one feel overlaps with another, particularly “tasting colors”, “smell colors”, “sampling conditions”, “effect feelings and you can ideas inside the stunning colours”, such as for example intimate orgasms (noisy laughs)

Finally, his past magical discovery try one to, once the a fabric scientist – such as the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller – he was really used to metal and metalloid microstructure. When he noticed the fresh higher-direction SEM’s during the lower quality and high angle, the guy noti ced the newest trend resembled exactly what material experts phone call a great photonic crystal, an excellent lattice construction out of atoms or particles which is responsive to electromagnetic light, or light, ya? Thus he realised, needless to say! That explains the work off Herr Doktor Popp out-of Switzerland (18) along with his photon phone studies. This basically means, the fresh new tissue try russiancupid Hoe te gebruiken morphologically put up including a beneficial PMS design you to definitely maximises the skin for each unit frequency having absorption of your time. It comes after, ergo, you to tissues, specifically neuronal mental cells, try crystalline electromagnetic transducers – to phrase it differently, they address white, ya?19 That explains have you thought to just exodermal (skin) tissues, however, strong endodermal structure, plus (those who work in) the latest pineal gland, was responsive to white. Doktor Landh’s research contradicts that, and you can categorically shows how muscle are structurally and you may morphologicaly supplied to try to be light transducers, ya? That is the conclusion of our lookup. ( reputation ovation and you will applause )

The modern vi ew retains you to definitely light photons do not apply at kcalorie burning

Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thanks a lot, acknowledged associates. You understand, we would just be a biological black hole! ( alot more laughter) Now, let me go into the 2nd issue out of my personal cam. I wish for the lights, please. Thanks a lot., Dr. B. This topic away from head search observar ges almost toward paraphysics, the favorite topic of our own CCCP colleagues. ( cheers) A shine specialist, Dr. Background question – how do we do that? ( more wit)

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