PAFP History

It was September 1980, when Dr. Bashir A. Malik got an innovative idea and started inviting the practicing doctors around him on the last Sunday of every month (weekly holiday in those days was Friday). He used to give them some common topics in advance for preparation and then they used to sit in the afternoon and have a mutual discussion.

The basement of the then newly constructed Bashir Medical Centre, (built 1979) which was meant initially to be the canteen for the hospital was permanently allocated for such academic actives. Among those who started attending those clinical meetings were, Dr. Sarwar Ch., Dr. Cap. Aslam Khan, Dr. Mubarak Ahmad, Dr Masood Rehmatullah, Dr. Abdul Waheed, Dr. Col. Ghais-ud-Din and Dr. Rasheed Mussarat etc.

Dr. Bashir A. Malik

So in this wasy foundation of CME was laid down first time ever in the history of medical education in Pakistan. With the passage of time those meetings became more frequent and regular. Snacks in the beginning of each meeting was also an important and regular event, which was served purely form the packet of Dr. Bashir A. Malik. Four year of such meetings had passed and it was now 1986 when SK & F offered their services to sponsor these meetings. The company said that they will have film show on their product and offer lunch to the participants and after that doctors can have their own clinical discussion. So in this way present format of the meeting was established. Time kept on passing and in October 1986, it was decided to hold those clinical meetings on weekly basis. Dr. Bashir announced that meetings will be held on every date divisible by seven i. e 7, 14, 21 & 28. In the coming months some confusion arose and so it was decided to hold meeting on every Sunday.

It was the time when number of participants had grown up to 50 or even more. A cyclostyled monthly newsletter was initiated to communicate with more doctors, but venue remained the conference room of Bashir Medical Centre.

Forum of General Medical practitioners, and already existing body of GP’s which had and academic wing the name of College of General Medical practitioners, become aware of academic activities of Basir Medical Centre, requested Dr. B.A. Malik to run this business under the flag of college of general medical practitioners.

Dr. Bashir generously agreed. He and Dr. Humayun Javid Malik became Chairman and Gen. Secretary respectively.

Weekly clinical meetings were neither postponed nor cancelled, if a fifth Sunday fell during any month, meeting used to be held in any private hospital. Things kept on morning and it was and of 1989 when chairman and Gen. Secretary of college of GMP demanded awthony, which raised conflicts between FGMP & CGMP and in July 1990 Dr. B.A. Malik handed over the CGMP to the forum and during a regular clinical meeting, under the president ship of Dr. Fazal Elahi, formation of PSFP was announced and following office bears were nominated by Dr. B.A. Malik. He himself as president.

Dr. Fazal Elahi: Vice President Dr. HUmayun Javaid: General Secretary

Dr. Farrukh Mahmood: Finance Secretary Dr. Arashad HUmayun: Joint Secretary

On August 24, 1990 inaugural ceremony was held at Avari, under the president ship of Prof. Akhtar Khan and Justice (R) Javaid Iqbal as Chief Guest. Objects of PSFP declared as non political, academic and research oriental body.

It was the untiring continuous and personal efforts of Dr. Bashir A. Malik CPSP started diploma in Family Medicine in 1991 and latter on it was renamed as MCPS. Dr. Malik renamed examiner of MCPS till his death.

During 1992 “Cancer Something can be done” and during 1994 SAARC congress was held. Unfortunately during 1993 Gen. Secretary Dr. Humayun Javaid Malik was murdered and Dr. Tariq Aziz was nominated as Gen. Secretary. Years passed and 2000 came. It was 30 June when the exceptionally great Dr. B. A. Malik was assassinated.

Fron there Dr. Naseem-ud-Din Khawaja hesitantly took the rein and re-organized the society. The new team was dedicated that life membership of the society doubled in two years time. Successful conferences were held in years 2001 & 02. In 2003, Dr. Nasim ud Din (now patron od society) appointed an energetic person in his place. Dr. Aftab Iqbal Shiekh, Dr. Shahryar Bhatti was named as Secretary General