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    Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians


    About Us

    Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) is the only organization solely dedicated to advancing the specialty of family medicine in the state. Since 1994, PAFP has championed the cause of family physicians and their patients. PAFP is critically important to primary care, with a strong collective voice of more than 10,000 family physician, family medicine resident and medical student members. PAFP is the largest primary care medical society in Pakistan and the largest chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

    Who We Are?

    Celebrating our 28

    Stand up for Your Specialty

    We focus on family physicians’ professional challenges and health policy concerns through advocacy and education to expand access to high quality and cost-effective patient care for Pakistan. We are committed to helping family physicians improve their everyday practice lives by offering affordable evidence-based continuing medical education, providing cost-saving practice management resources, delivering practical approaches to practice transformation and fostering opportunities to promote the family medicine specialty and ensure a strong and healthy primary care pipeline

    Our Mission

    PAFP empowers, educates, and connects current and
    future family physicians to improve the health of all.

    Our Vision

    Thriving communities where every individual has the knowledge, power, and resources to achieve their optimal health and fullest potential.

    Medical Education

    Maintaining, developing and increasing the competence, knowledge, skills and professional performance of family physicians.

    Most of our clients use our Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision making and their targets for the immediate, mid-term and long-term future.

    The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

    Strategic Plan Goals: 2022-2024

    2 We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and the needs of your customers. We then identify the best way or ways for these needs to be met and enable you to implement this effectively.Our aim is:

    • to develop your skills
    • to empower you to feel more confident
    • to enable you to maintain changes.

    Engage with your Local Chapter

    The PAFP is comprised of more than 10 Cities Local chapters within 10 districts. Local chapters help the Academy identify member needs, educate the public and advance the specialty of family medicine. As a member of PAFP, you will automatically be a member of your local chapter. Each chapter hosts its own meetings and events.

    We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and the needs of your Patients.


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