• November 30, 2023 10:19 pm


    Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians

    Patterns of lifespan weight gain/loss

    Dementia is a growing global public health concern currently affecting 50 million people and is expected to rise dramatically to more than 150 million cases worldwide by 2050. Obesity, commonly…

    An open letter from a couple of family physicians

    Menopause awareness and education should start earlier in life

    Flu, RSV and COVID-19:

    As community-based family doctors, we have been attending to patients who showed the early warning signs of the oncoming wave of our viral season. We are now in the middle…

    Rate of food insecurity skyrockets

    The number of Americans with cardiovascular disease who are food insecure—having limited or uncertain access to adequate food—has skyrocketed over the last 20 years, a national study finds.

    New continuity of care measure

    Continuity of care is essential to the clinician/patient relationship within family medicine. However, researchers have few ways to track continuity of care as a measurement of clinical quality.